I am an experienced ghostwriter and have a thirty year track record as a journalist, author and editor. I have written over 35 books on a wide range of subjects from dotcoms, to curry and soap operas. I also ghost crime fiction.
My diverse range of ghosting clients includes an Olympian, a couple of Dragons, the world’s most famous adventurer and a stripper. I can write in almost any style, and capture any voice. I work with clients from start to finish, helping them shape the story they want to tell, figuring out if their vision is best told as a memoir, manual or by taking a more creative approach, and which shelf their book will end up on in a bookstore (or in which Amazon category). I spend time interviewing and encouraging clients to find insights they might not have had before, then produce a first draft before collaborating again on the second draft. I hold their hand all the way through the publication process and beyond. I will often conduct extensive research for my clients, producing professional, authoritative books to tight deadlines.

In 2015, I moved into fiction when I inherited the bestselling Ingrid Skyberg thriller series following the death of the author, Eva Hudson.
Eva left me with an unfinished manuscript and notes for the rest of the series. The books topped their categories on release and the series has had over a million downloads. Several reviewers commented they would not have known the series had a new writer if they not been told of Eva’s death. In addition to the Skyberg series – pacy crime thrillers set in contemporary London – I have written a vintage cosy mystery series about a 1930s private detective in Hollywood.
I have comprehensive knowledge of the indie publishing landscape and am knowledgeable  about keywords, categories, platforms, formatting, cover design, mailing list management, metadata, targeting and have run and monitored Facebook, BookBub and Amazon ad campaigns.
  • Anyone Can Do It – Duncan Bannatyne
  • The Rise and Fall and Rise Again – Gerald Ratner
  • Wake Up and Change Your Life – Duncan Bannatyne
  • The Real Deal – James Caan
  • How To Be Smart With Your Money – Duncan Bannatyne
  • How To Be Smart With Your Time – Duncan Bannatyne
  • Enduring Success – Sir Steve Redgrave
  • 43 Mistakes Businesses Make – Duncan Bannatyne
  • 37 Questions Everyone in Business Needs To Answer – Duncan Bannatyne
  • Stripped: A Life of Strip & Tease in Clubland – Samantha Bailey
  • Riding the Storm – Duncan Bannatyne
  • A Survival Guide For Life – Bear Grylls
  • The Mind of a Survivor – Megan Hine
  • Unsexy Business – Jamie Waller
  • Lucky Man – Sir David Michels
  • The Ingrid Skyberg Thrillers series
  • The Hollywood Detective series
  • The Perfect Plot
  • Star of India – The Spicy Adventures of Curry
  • How To Net A Million
  • Brilliant Career Finder
  • Free Agent Manual
  • Neighbours Programme Guide
  • EastEnders Programme Guide